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   Fans' Organization UnitedSouth (Lokomotiv Moscow ultras)
UnitedSouth (Russian: Объединенный юг - Ob’yedinenny Yug)

UnitedSouth was established to organize support at Lokomotiv matches in 2005 by fans themselves. UnitedSouth is made up of groups from different sectors of the South Stand as well as active fans of Lokomotiv who are not members of any group. Now UnitedSouth is the main ultras group of Lokomotiv. We are happy to see any new fans that are not indifferent to the fans movement development.

That’s what we do:
- Pre-match performance before Lokomotiv games, visual decorations (flags, banners, etc.),
- Vocal support improvement,
- Promotion of away games activity and organization of trips to away matches,
- Organization of fan tournaments,
- Fan merchandize of high quality: DVDs by the results of a season, in detail see the link,
- Together with the Fan Club we distribute tickets to matches of the club and the national team, organize travels and do other type of work with the supporters.

How to join UnitedSouth
Active fans of UnitedSouth can join us. The season ticket is one of the main conditions as it shows that you are present at the stand in most matches. To learn more about joining us and member cards, see the link.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to come to the Fan Club Office (the map).

- telephone: +7-926-237 37 72 (calls on weekdays 14 to 20)
- e-mail: unitedsouth@mail.ru

You can ask your questions at the forum: link

Unitedsouth.ru - The main site of Lokomotiv Moscow ultras and fans.
On this site you can find:
- matches (1980 - 2011): link
- graffities: link
- stickers: link
Video: link
Songs: link
Shop: link
Our stadium (Lokomotiv): link
Forum: link

Interview of representatives of UnitedSouth to different web-sites:
- Ultras.org.ua - Інтерв'ю з представником UnitedSouth // Interview with a representative of UnitedSouth (2010)
- Fotofanatics.eu - Lokomotiv Moskwa - podsumowanie pierwszej rundy sezonu 2010 // Resume of the first half of the season 2010 (2010)
- Srpskatribina.net - United South – Lokomotiv Moscow (2012)
- Une rencontre avec les supporters du Lokomotiv Moscou (2012)
- UnitedSouth и фан-движение Локомотива (Москва, Россия) // UnitedSouth and the fan-movement of Lokomotiv (Moscow, Russia) (2010)
- Москва24: Фильм "Москва фанатская" // Film "The fans' Moscow" (2011)
- Объединённый Юг. Локомотив Москва // UnitedSouth. Lokomotiv Moscow (2012)
- Fans-edge.info - Интервью с представителем UnitedSouth (Локомотив Москва) // Interview with a representative of UnitedSouth (Lokomotiv Moscow) (2012)

Below, you can read articles about UnitedSouth activity and Lokomotiv Moscow ultras:

2008 Season results

2009 Season results

2010 Season results

2011/12 Season results

2012/13 Season results

2013/14 Season results

Видеофильмы от UnitedSouth

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